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Rain, rain go away

August 22, 2010


It rained all day.

It was very hot and humid out but you would never know that  in my house because we had to blast the air conditioner to keep it from getting steamy.  I actually had to put on a sweatshirt it was so cold! 

I started the day with hot oatmeal and hot coffee.

DSCF8403   DSCF8394  DSCF8396 DSCF8397 DSCF8398   

Topped with chia seeds, coconut butter, mostly almond butter, blueberries, crasins, and walnuts.


Amy’s minestrone kept me warm at lunch.

DSCF8409 DSCF8410   

Is that butter?!  No, it’s laughing cow cheese!  Haha, that would be a lot of butter.



Chocolate swirl cake.


Curled up under the bed covers and read my book.



DSCF8430 DSCF8431

Salmon with tarragon.    Rice pilaf.  Broccolli.  Salad.

DSCF8432  DSCF8434  DSCF8436 DSCF8438 





The sun went down just as it came up.


And I baked.

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